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Joseph Natsu is a 14+2 years old freshmen student taking up Computer Engineering at Far Eastern - University Institute of Technology. He overthinks things and makes himself paranoid. He used to be an introvert, now he's an extrovert. Blogging since May 6, 2013. Segueking. 


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Hoy hahaha

Nag ta si ara emeghed jk! Ano hahahahhaahha miss mo ko amp

done na po yung skype request :)

Hahahahahhahaha grabe haha sige tignan ko bukas

Uy boysegway di na tayo nagkakausap hays :( chareng ./. hahahahahaha srsly :p

Hahahaha tae ka galingan mo pageexam sa benilde jk hahahahhaha

I miss you Matawaran

Jasmin? New url? Amp hahahahahhaha :(

Oyyyyyy segwaykingggg. Wala lang tagal na kitang di nakaka-usap. Hahaha

Bagay na sakin url mo hahahahhaa :(

Everyone is getting tired of me. I always feel like i am losing everyone. It happens all the time and i should accept that. People lose interest in me and suddenly they will just leave when i am unaware or in the middle of i needed them the most.They don’t understand me so they leave. I don’t know if i push them away. I don’t know if it is my fault or what. They always get tired of me. The conversation becomes shorter and shorter until it will just stop. It saddens me to realize that i am that easy to let go and just give up on me. I mean, am i not worth fighting for? They forget about me and I just become a distant memory. And before i knew it, they found someone better than me.

Why so cute :">

Luh hahahaha

Bye tumblr na ko hahahahaha joke iwan ko na lang tong ganto daming memories eh what =)

Bye tumblr na ko hahahahaha joke iwan ko na lang tong ganto daming memories eh what =)

Kuyaaa alam mo bang dapat mag-eexam ako sa feu institute of tech? for scholarship pa. Kaso di ako nakaabot eh. Anw, napadaan lang po =))

Cool fact hahahahaha


Miss mo ko no hahahahhaa

Natsuuuuu. libre mo ko buko juice sa tayuman. Ge :)))

Baka sumakit tyan mo hahahaha jk!!

HELLER! hows u na? :))

Hahaha ok naman hahahahahahaha

so i just saw your blog on my dash, being recommended. so i checked it out kasi taga-feu ka rin pala. :) first thing i notice was your bg music. ang ganda ng mga musics mo, kuya! :D so ayun, just passing by. nice blog, btw. :)

Thank you!!!! Haha

grabeeeee! Super late reply na to. hahahah kainis bat ang busy natin? XD oyoypy kamustaaaaaa.

Onga eh @z@r hahaha

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