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Joseph Natsu is a 14+2 years old freshmen student taking up Computer Engineering at Far Eastern - University Institute of Technology. He overthinks things and makes himself paranoid. He used to be an introvert, now he's an extrovert. Blogging since May 6, 2013. Segueking. 


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done na po yung skype request :)

Hahahahahhahaha grabe haha sige tignan ko bukas

Everyone is getting tired of me. I always feel like i am losing everyone. It happens all the time and i should accept that. People lose interest in me and suddenly they will just leave when i am unaware or in the middle of i needed them the most.They don’t understand me so they leave. I don’t know if i push them away. I don’t know if it is my fault or what. They always get tired of me. The conversation becomes shorter and shorter until it will just stop. It saddens me to realize that i am that easy to let go and just give up on me. I mean, am i not worth fighting for? They forget about me and I just become a distant memory. And before i knew it, they found someone better than me.

Why so cute :">

Luh hahahaha

Bye tumblr na ko hahahahaha joke iwan ko na lang tong ganto daming memories eh what =)

Bye tumblr na ko hahahahaha joke iwan ko na lang tong ganto daming memories eh what =)

Kuyaaa alam mo bang dapat mag-eexam ako sa feu institute of tech? for scholarship pa. Kaso di ako nakaabot eh. Anw, napadaan lang po =))

Cool fact hahahahaha

add me on skype hannasanccc thanks :)

Ako na lang add mo josephnatsu hahahahaha

Cool you--I mean blog :D

Thank you!!!

Di naman siguro

1 month yata akong di nagbukas di ko na alam to hahahahaha

6 July 2014

I don’t want to leave my bed today

Hindi na ko pala sama sa magulang ngayon, wala lang napansin ko lang pag mag grgrocery every saturday ayoko ng sasama. Pati naging advance ang birthday celebration ni Mama naghanda na ngayon dapat sa 8 pa eh kaso may pasok daw sya.
Nagpaduplicate pa ko ng susi sa tanay hays.
Bwisita ngayon (jul 8) birthday ni mama hahaha lol jk bisita =))

4 July 2014

It’s not going to be easy to be with me. You have to get ready for nonsense conversations and long silences even at the most random times. You’re going to hear a lot of complaints about the universe and sessions of crying because crying is my thing. I’m going to make you laugh during the most serious times and you will laugh uncontrollably. I might act like a baby sometimes or an old adult. I’m going to have moods that will surprise you and might irritate you. It will be just like that. But despite all these things about me, I will make you learn how to deal with it because I want to be with you. We will make it work because that’s how it’s going to be about, you and me doing things together for us to grow together. It won’t be easy and rough times will come but I will make you believe I am worth it.

Alam ko naman. Mukha ka namang mabait. Kaso kasi e. Ewan. Saka na ko papakilala sa'yo. Nahihiya ako. Di ko alam magiging reaction mo e. Geee. God bless sayo. Sana lagi kang masaya. :)

Sige ikaw ang bahala =)

When you fall in love with me. Make sure you know what kind of person i am. Make sure you know how it’s like to stay with me. I tend to push people away for a reason, you should know that. I am unintentionally hurting the people that are getting close to me, you must be aware of that. I have mood swings and i don’t have a self confidence that i think i am never be good enough to anyone. I degrade myself or blame myself for being left behind all the time and i know it is all because of me. No one can stand me. I am stubborn like a kid and i don’t usually act my age. You don’t know the dark side of me, that side of me which eats up all the happiness i am bound to feel. That side of me that leads me empty and to feel nothing a all. I don’t want to be a burden to anyone that’s why i struggle not to be one, especially to the people who chose to stay even if it hurts them, even if it is hard to be with me. I am a difficult person to deal with. You will never understand how i feel or what is the reason behind my decision. I am really complicated more than you’ll ever know. I mess everything up every time. I am just going to hurt you. I will just push you away. Because i know i don’t deserve anyone. You will just get tired of me because even I get tired of myself sometimes. So before saying that you love me, might as well know the whole me, the real me, not just the good side of me. Because good side will only blind you. While the bad side is a proof that you really love me if you will still choose to fall in love with me, despite of all these things.

3 July 2014
Gusto kitang makilala kaso kasi. Nahihiya ako. Hahaha. :D Sobrang nahihiya. -J

Bakit naman mabait ako =)

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